Saturday, May 24, 2008

In the beginning....

Okay, this is for my dear friends who've expressed disbelief and astonishment over my apparent lack of with-it-ness (is that a word?) where blogging is concerned. I've been living in this virtual world for quite a long time--I even joke that all my friends live in my computer- but I'm not much of a writer beyond the zillion or so tasks I've had to write for school. Oh, I've attempted this once or twice before, but I never stick to it for very long. Mainly because I cannot imagine that my boring, mundane life is something others would really be interested in reading about. I've never been much for keeping a diary, although I have had a few journals--all of which are typically blank beyond the first few pages and are stashed away in boxes long forgotten.

So...because I'm lazy and lack motivation in writing the half-a-dozen-or-so-plus tasks I still have left for my teacher work sample/portfolio, here I am. Woooo! I have a feeling that those of you who conveyed an interest in keeping up with all things 'Brenda' might be disappointed. Don't get your hopes up--and prepare to be bored silly. =) Now, what to write??


Aunt Kathy said...

Well finally, Brenda is on board, LOL

I am into my second year of blogging, and I too wonder often what I will talk aboutbut I always find something.

I'll be keeoig my eye on you my friend.

pondering said...

Hi Brenda, we are blog neighbors now!

don't worry, keeping a blog is not forcing anyone to read it, and if anyone really is as bored with it as you describe, they will not read it. Simple as that. No harm done. Meanwhile friends like me, who do care and won't be bored can enjoy your new blog! Yea!