Monday, June 23, 2008

It's been a really crazy week. Or 10 days... doesn't matter because it all runs together.

Happily, I got my official notice of graduation along with my transcripts and degree last week. (The actual certificate really does list my full name) Still, that didn't come without a bit of drama. (Don't ask!) All that's left now is a whole bunch of tedious junk to apply for my teaching license. It's quite the ordeal! I had no idea.

Unhappily, I discovered a lump this morning on my little dog, Maisey. I am praying hard that it's nothing serious. Its had me close to tears all day, though. I hadn't noticed it until today--and it's way low in her abdomen on the left side near her leg. Not really a good place since that's where a lymph node is located. She's only 4 and is the sweetest, most loving and 'kissy' little dog. Pretty sure she thinks she's a Labrador. I cannot bear the thought of her being seriously ill. She'll see our vet tomorrow morning--they wanted to work her in today as she is well-liked at his office and spends time with them when we travel, but things were just crazy today I guess. Don't suppose a day will change much.

Jacob with Maisey

Last week was also a week of family. We had the opportunity to spend some time with my cousin's (Cindy) husband, Jeff, while he was in Colorado on business last Thursday. The kids chose Red Lobster for dinner (yes, they are spoiled brats with expensive taste--much like their mother!) and we had a great time chatting and laughing all evening. Jeff had all sorts of stories to share about my family (parents, grandparents, etc.) whom all seem to live in HIS neck of the woods these days (TX)! Makes me miss everyone soooo much. Might have to take a road trip here before school starts. On Friday night, we had dinner out with Tim's side of the family. His sister, Betty, and niece, Angie, and her kids were driving through from Denver on their way to Delta. Some 20+ of us met at Rib City Grill for dinner. We didn't get to spend a lot of time, but it was fun to have an excuse to get together.

The God Rally was here this past weekend at the Fairgrounds. We didn't go. There were lots of Christian performers scheduled including several locals that I know personally. Most were bands I had never heard of--save one. The "big" performance was Sunday night--Big Daddy Weave (Let It Rise, Fields of Grace, Without You, etc.). Aurgh!!! I really, really like that band, too! So now I'm kicking myself. I guess I just didn't feel like dealing with the crowds and the heat. I really need to snap out of this downer mood I seem to be in. Not a clue where it's coming from, but it stinks.

We (okay, Tim) did get all the decks sealed over the weekend- which will be good for the spa considering all the water everywhere. I spent a little time in the flower beds... found a pretty little bird bath to sit amongst my flowers. My tomatoes are doing very well... Just a nice, quiet weekend.

Well, I have so much to do around here. My house seriously needs cleaned... organized, etc. The kids have used all the towels for the laundry is a must. You name it, I should do it. I had great aspirations for today but they have so far not amounted to much. Suppose there is no time like the present, right? Someone send me some motivation, would ya?


pondering said...

So, how is your dog? What did the vet say?

Sounds like you found plenty do with your "what now?" time after being "done" with school. What a blessing.

pondering said...

Hello? Excuse me, I was looking for this friend of mine, she is a very pretty girl...her name is Brenda... have you seen her?