Sunday, August 3, 2008

The End of Summer

Summer is coming to a close. My kids still have 2 weeks. I have 3 days. Then it's off to work; orientation, training, prep... whatever it is that teachers do. I still have no idea, really. That's what's got me a little worried/scared/nervous. I've never been one for surprises and I really wish someone would spell this whole thing out for me. All in good time, I suppose? I know it will all be fine and in a few weeks I'll wonder what all the fuss was about. For now, I guess I'll just try to relax and enjoy what little is left of my "old life." Things are a-changin'!

The past few weeks have been very busy. I'm not spending much time here and I know I have missed some emails/replies, etc. (I'm really sorry, Trish!!) Once things settle into a routine, maybe I'll get better at this. Seems I haven't stopped for more than a few minutes here and there for weeks.

Graduation was great. Although I officially graduated June something-or-other, walking across that stage, cap and gown, with all my classmates made it feel so much more real. But the best part was passing through all the WGU mentors and staff who've been there every step of the way through our programs--lined on both sides of us as we entered the auditorium-- applauding and congratulating us. None of us were expecting it and I think a huge majority of us were in tears before the ceremony even started. What a cool and thoughtful thing for them to do! That will stick with me far longer than anything else.

The highlight of our trip was spending time with Bob and Jenn. They are so much fun to be around and Bob and I have always just clicked. I can talk to him for hours. The kids had a great time and we really liked Utah. We literally looked at a couple houses out there. Our area is changing so much--and not in a good way.... we just got to thinking. We could buy a home there in Kaysville (Salt Lake) for about what we paid for ours here.... but it would be over double the size with a massive yard. Wow. I loved the one across from Bob. More than 5,500 sq ft... 3 car garage, huge bonus room wired for a theater... granite everything... solid wood floors... Very nice. And for what we paid for ours. Not as nice or as huge as Bob and Jenn's (7,000+).... but that's another story!

While in Utah, we had an idea. Sadly, I have gained back every oz. I had lost--and then another 7 lbs on top of it! UGH! So, since we all need to lose weight, we decided to make a challenge out of it. Next summer we're all going to take a cruise together. Whichever couple loses the least percentage of weight before then gets to pay the other couple's round trip airfare to FL. The losing couple also has to wear bathing suits the whole cruise. UGH! Of course the men are motivated by the money. But the idea of baring it all in a bathing suit for the world to see is more than motivation for Jenn and me. I'm not entirely sure if it's the WHOLE cruise... and then there was talk of the other couple getting to choose the bathing suits.... regardless, having to put on something that skimpy in front of Bob does not make me very happy. Especially if HE gets to choose it! Omg... so I will be losing lots of weight. Weight Watchers (again), here I come!!

Once we returned home, Tim's sister and her family came for a visit. The kids are all getting so big! Unreal! This year at the big family reunion picnic in the park, I am glad to say that it was not one of my children breaking a bone. Sadly, however, it WAS one of Tim's niece's children. Eric, at 4 year old, decided to climb very, very high on the playground equipment. Next thing you know, he's not up high anymore.... Off to the E.R. with a broken arm. Playground 2... Family Reunion 0.

On Tuesday we decided to spend the day playing in Aspen. Somewhat of an attempt to avoid the heat---although it was darn hot up there, too! The traffic was insane and it was wall-to-wall people. I swear, it looks like there is a 'brown cloud' hanging over the mountains. How sad... Things have changed so much here in the last ten or so years. So much for safe, small-town. Even in Aspen.

So anyway.... life is back to normal. And now I have 3 more days to enjoy "summer."

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Aunt Kathy said...

I am behind in visiting blogs, I am so glad graduation was so memorable.

Utah is a beautiful place, I have a friend who is a Ranger at Zion, she always has the most beautiful pictures.