Saturday, August 30, 2008

As usual, it's been a long time since I visited here and/or posted a thing. It's amazing how fast the days are zooming by lately. Busy is good, I guess?

I'm beginning to feel less overwhelmed at school, but not entirely comfortable in my position. I still have a lot of "organization" to do in my classroom, but most of it is personal or not really essential for the day-to-day activities with my kids. Files, supplies, etc... "Stuff." This week also began my "double-up" schedule. That has me a little more than stressed out. My kids only attend half-time so Cathleen and I must teach 2 days of curriculum for every 1 day that the all-day-every-day teachers teach. It's non-stop craziness and I have yet to figure out how to get through all I am asked to cover. I'm told this is normal and not to worry, it will come. But it's still frustrating. I have a great group of kiddos. Still those 2 or 3 that are trying to push those buttons---but in the end I will win. (o; Consistency, consistency, consistency (and maybe a little bribery...)! All in all, I'm enjoying my job. I am really praying a year from now I still feel the same way.

The kids--MY kids, all seem to be pretty happy with their teachers. Josh is beginning his second year with Kaplan Academy and is a sophmore at Rifle High School. Jacob is in 8th grade and Kellianne has started Middle School in 5th grade. Hard to believe that we no longer have kids in elementary school. Tim and I just kinda sit here looking at each other and wondering how we got so old! Haha

Speaking of old... I now have a new favorite person. :P The other day my daughter's former third grade teacher stopped me in the hall to tell me that one of the young, male teachers at Highland asked her did she know that I have a child in high school??? He was stunned at this news and wondered how this could be possible. He was just sure I was only about "27" years old. Geez! I really liked this guy before.... but now I really like him! (o:

Bowling league starts up again soon... wonder how pathetic I can be this year?? Although I did have a couple of 200+ games last season. Not exactly a stellar average, though.

My brain is kinda mush so I have no idea what to type anymore. Tired seems to be the theme lately!

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