Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Notes from Kindergarten

Hard to believe it's already Wednesday. Things are already underway with back-to-school and I have spent 5 days in training and orientation. Tomorrow there are home visits and a staff meeting... At some point I need to actually spend some time in my classroom.

My room is still a mess. An even bigger mess than before. I have loads of boxes, manipulatives, toys... (stuff!) all over the place. I took pictures today (just for you AK! LOL). Things are going to have to undergo a major transformation over the next few days since I have a class coming on Tuesday. Once (IF) I get it all pulled together, I'll take "after" shots and post them here. I have a feeling this is going to be a work in progress, though. It's overwhelming how much there is to do. Our tables and little chairs have not arrived yet--and apparently aren't going to in time. My Everyday Math materials are not here either--district ordered the wrong stuff.... All very typical predicaments. What can go wrong usually does. Teachers must be flexible and resourceful! Or so I have discovered. Haha Hopefully the kids won't know the difference.

Speaking of my class... I'm up to 12 students and I know it's still growing--there were a stack of enrollments just today. Out of my 12 kids so far, only 5 speak English. That's a little unsettling but they assure me things will be just fine. I sure hope so because my Spanish vocabulary is slim-to-none!

I'm not sure how I'm doing on the diet. The school has been feeding us breakfast and lunches... and not exactly Weight Watcher's friendly. Hopefully portion control is keeping me in the loss column. Or at least from gaining. I'm nervous to see, though.


Aunt Kathy said...

Brenda, get some cheap mats for the floor, kids love to sit on the floor, if it's already carpeted maybe a piece of poster board for each child that they can decorate as their own and then sit on it. I LOVE that idea.

I look forward to the pictures.

As for your food... just eat less of whatever they give you and drink plenty of water it will all work out.

pondering said...

How exciting though... to be in charge of a bunch of cute little kids all year. I miss having little kids around. The best part is, you can go home and night and not have to worry about them until tomorrow. I don't know how you are not going to get attached to them each year.
The last day of Kindergarten for Samara, I came to pick her up from school, and her teacher came walking all the kids outside to meet their parents, and she was in tears... poor lady.