Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where did it go??

This weekend went way too fast! In 9 hours I have to be in SFA training. I swear I just came from orientation! All in all, being so busy makes the time fly. And it really is a lot of fun to get to know all the new teachers.

Saturday we had a very lazy morning and then made a trip to Grand Junction for an office chair and some odds and ends. We had a really nice time--got some borders and bulletin board stuff at Learning Works, had lunch at Applebees (Weight Watcher's menu), went to Hobby Lobby, Office Depot, Barnes and Noble, Kohls, Sam's (for my chair), Walmart... We were halfway home when I realized I forgot my fricken chair!!! AURGH!!!!!!!

Yep, it will be another trip to Grand Junction soon. LOL

My classroom is barren. Nothing on the walls. Just empty-looking. Except for my desk (sans chair) and all those big pieces of "furniture" that will serve as storage and room dividers. Spent hours sorting through a zillion boxes to put all the SFA materials into their various units. The tables (Kinders don't have desks) and teeny-tiny chairs have not arrived yet. Nor have any of the manipulatives, toys, etc., etc... Lisa, my host teacher with whom I did my student teaching, brought me a big ole box of books for the class library (so sweet!), so at least there's a little something in there, I guess. Maybe I'll take some "before" and "after" pictures to post--just to remind myself what it looks like to be a clueless first-year teacher.

Today we went to the staff picnic in the park across from the school-- just around the corner from my house (Yes, the same park that has something against our family reunions. LOL) That was fun... although I have to say my weight-loss efforts were not quite so focused. Too much great food! We had a really nice time mingling and chatting with everyone. And there were no broken bones, either! Haha The people in this school have always been some of my favorites, so it's neat to be a member of the "family."

Did I mention I have a new laptop? An iMac... well, MacBook. The school issues one to every teacher. Even has my name on it. (Wow, I'm a teacher!? Hasn't quite hit me, maybe.) It's really a neat little machine and has a TON of features my HP doesn't--even a built-in webcam. The district encourages us to take them home for personal use, have fun with them... etc. If I ever get used to how different it is from a pc, I think I'll like it.

Well, time to stop goofing off here and go to bed. I'm such a night owl! I really, really despise mornings. I am hoping that one day I will look back on this and laugh because I have come to LOVE being a morning person!

HA! Not likely! (o;

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Aunt Kathy said...

I for one would love to see before and after pictures of the classroom

And wow a new laptop, how cool.

Hey I have a web cam too, no clue how to use it but I have one lol