Monday, December 22, 2008

December 22

Snow, snow, and more snow! Woke up to dark skies with fluffy stuff falling...and that's been the theme of the day. I guess that's okay for Christmas break. Poor Tim has to drive to and from work in it, but other than making a few "Santa" deliveries around town, I get to stay home and enjoy watching it out the window. I think a nice cup of hot cocoa or maybe even some coffee is in order for tonight. Snow always makes me feel like cuddling up on the sofa (with the throw my sweet friend, Cathleen, made for me for Christmas) next to the fireplace with a good book. Or maybe a movie...

I survived my crazy week. Barely! My observation went very well...I think... He seemed pretty happy with what he saw if the post-ob meeting was any indication. At least so far I don't seem to be a sucky teacher. LOL I got about 99.9% of my assessing done--gotta grab one kiddo on the Tuesday they come back and another that has been absent. Report cards will be due that Tuesday afternoon (January something-or-other). Although Monday is a teacher workday, I really need to be mostly done before that. One or more of my team is coming over this Saturday to see if we can't sort things out and get them underway. They are soooooo time consuming!

Our anniversary was really nice. Tim sent me 20 roses--one for each year. The center rose was yellow surrounded by 19 red roses set in some beautiful greenery... There's more... but it's so mushy.. LOL

On Friday, Josh, my oldest 'baby', turned 16. He's already several inches taller than me and wears a much larger shoe size...but it's hard not to think of him as a little boy. I have no idea where the years went. We had a small birthday party here at the house and he had two friends spend the night. He requested the new 2nd generation iPod Touch... which means I inherited his older iPod Touch--which I have no clue how to use. But he is very happy with his new toy and has been uploading (downloading?) all sorts of things on it.

The diet.... ahh yes, girls. Well, AK, since I am a totally emotional eater, I can always FIND time to eat. LOL But I have done pretty well--up until I decided to bake a dozen different varieties of cookies and candy. Not that it's been all that bad, but once you eat sugar/carbs, that kicks MediFast all out of whack. I have only had a few cookies in the past couple of days and a spoonful of fudge from the pan earlier today--probably not enough to make me gain pounds, but enough to mess up the ketosis part of my program. Oh well... After Thursday, I'm back on plan. Ummm... except for maybe New Year's Eve. We're having a big get-together with some friends over here. I suppose a good host would offer goodies, right? Maybe I should call my diet a wash, too, Trish--- until Jan. 1st. :) Diet. A four letter word that's the story of my life.

Christmas is nearly here. I still have not mailed Christmas cards. I think these will have to become "Happy New Year!" cards if they get mailed at all. There are just not enough hours in my days to get everything done.

Merry Christmas to all who happen upon this post.


Aunt Kathy said...

Brenda what a wonderful husband you have there. But where oh where is the photo of those earrings on a smiling Brenda???

Merry Christmas... you can make treats for the New Year, but eat SF jello, or veggies for you, LOL.

Ok I tried, LOL

Muse said...


That is the coolest anniversary present! You look amazing! Be proud!

I am proud of what a great job you are doing teaching! You rock! Hugs!!