Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is it really June?? Already?

It would seem I had abandoned this place. I think about it...every now and again. Coming here and 'blogging'... But then I can't think of anything really worth typing. Not that I have come up with anything interesting now--but I'm bored. Sometimes it's just therapeutic to write random thoughts with no real direction or purpose. (Although, it might also be scary to put what runs through my brain down here, in print, for all the world to read.) It is nice that I'm not really thinking about the next lesson plan, the materials I will need for my learning labs, what I need to get done tomorrow... Just random, mindless, meaningless thoughts: Which movie from Netflix should we watch tonight? Should I plant the little seed tomato plants I have... or should I go buy bigger, more established plants? Spend the $$ for new planters... or just stick 'em in the ground in my little garden area? Go to the library today? Take the kids to the pool? Hiking? The park? When should I have that yard sale????? Life will become hectic soon enough. This is nice.

Maybe I'll have more random thoughts tomorrow. Maybe ones that are worth writing about. And then again, maybe not.

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smalltownfloridagirl said...

I always love to be able to just ramble on in my mind about things that most people don't think about. The plant one is normally a big hope you have a great tuesday :)