Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The "iPhone Killer"... and other stuff, too

Old habits die hard. Here it is, 2:30 AM, and I have to go set up my classroom bright and early tomorrow morning. Yucky! I guess the up-side to all of this is that I'll be good and tired come bedtime tomorrow night, right?

Made a trip to Grand Junction today to do a little school shopping. The kids got a few things.... clothes, supplies, etc. I found a few things as well. I still say we should get to wear t-shirts and jeans... but nooooo! Gotta look "professional." Seriously.... these are 5 year-olds we're talking about. Who plays with 5 year-olds all dressed up? *sigh* Someone forgot to tell the powers-that-be that we finger-paint! Hello! Oh well.... just as long as they don't think they'll get me into some frilly dress and high heels. Not happening!

My favorite purchase of the day, however, was a really neat little device that passes itself off as a cell phone. Joshua used my upgrade last year after his cell phone got left out in the rain. So now I'm using his upgrade--and he informed me that I got the better end of the deal. Haha! (Oh come on! He has one of those iTouch iPods... give your mom a break, pal!) I now have a cute little LG Voyager. Touch screen, full keyboard, navigation, Internet... pretty neat. Yep, I'm gonna figure out how all the bells and whistles work on this little puppy--right there along with all the gadgets on my SUV that I still don't know how to use--in all my spare time, of course. (haha) That is if I can keep my kids' hands off it! (o;

My new toy.


Aunt Kathy said...

My son got the IPHONE the day it came out.

I hardly ever remember to even turn my cell phone on so no fancy phones for me yet.

Maybe when I get back to working again.

How does the classroom look?

pondering said...

Oh, your back, Brenda! Yea.
I hope your first day back to work was good.
My kids already started school on Tuesday this week. This district is crazy starting so early.
If you want to see pics of my time in Vegas they are on my blog.